Our story

At Heartland, we’re for sharing quality, great tasting fresh New Zealand pork with family, friends and community – straight from the heart of New Zealand.

As a trusted, 100% New Zealand family-owned business, we got our start in the food industry farming on the Canterbury plains.

Today, we have strong relationships with the families that farm our fresh pork across our country’s heartland, and work with local producers year-round to bring you quality, fresh and tasty New Zealand born and raised pork every day of the year.

The freshest food, raised right here for you.

Our mission

Whether you’re looking for a convenient but delicious weekday meal, or something more for a special occasion, Heartland NZ Fresh Foods has a choice of the tastiest, freshest cuts – sourcing the very best, New Zealand born and raised pork products for you and your family, at an affordable price, every day. We want to give every Kiwi the quality, value and convenience they deserve – especially when it comes to cooking locally-sourced food for themselves and those around them.

Our mission

Our role

We care about how animals are farmed and how the environment is protected. We only work with local producers, farmers and retailers from New Zealand to provide the best possible pork products to you and your family every day.


All of our pork products come with PigCare™ accreditation, and have been born and raised in New Zealand under world-class welfare standards, free from added growth hormones and unneeded antibiotics, and compliant with New Zealand food safety standards.


About Freshpork NZ

Heartland Fresh Foods is a Freshpork brand. Freshpork is a family-owned business and the country’s leading pork specialist. Freshpork supports the local industry by processing, packaging, marketing and distributing fresh, tasty and nutritious pork products to thousands of Kiwis throughout New Zealand every day.

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